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Food videos for njammie!

Njam! TV wanted to increase their online influence. Not only by growing their current audience, but also by reaching new ones.

In the past few years there has been a significant shift from TV to online. Viewers are moving from their TV screens to the interwebs, and advertising budgets are moving with them. However, that doesn't mean you can simply throw your TV shows online and hope for the best. We decided to create an online food video series, to reach those hard to reach "light TV viewers" and provide fun and snackable online recipe videos for njam!'s hungry foodies.

We think and plan ahead to make sure we tap into search trends and tent pole events. This leads to higher discovery and reaching new audiences.

In stead of randomly writing recipes, we look at the calendar to create videos for food related happenings, or tent pole events. This ensures that we make relevant video content that allows us to tap into search trends and get discovered by people who otherwise may never organically find your videos. For example: our Christmas related videos got great numbers, because we offered the easy and festive recipes that people were desperately looking for.

We believe in great preparation and planning, so that you always get the absolute best value for your budget.

We want to create videos that provide value for your target audience. It is our goal to create engaging formats that are simple at the same time. The simplicity is an absolute advantage, as it lets us record in bulk and lets us shoot more videos in a day. This efficiency is how we are able to offer you a great price per video, without compromising quality.

Investing in video content is absolutely great! But it's our job to make sure your investment pays off.

People love to watch videos, so creating video content is a great investment. But you can't just upload your videos and expect amazing things to happen. That's why our YouTube Certified video marketers, make sure that your videos go online perfectly optimised for search. We help you with spreading the videos on social media, to make sure your videos reach the eyeballs they deserve. We also manage your video advertising campaigns on YouTube and Facebook to give your videos that extra push.

Before getting started we determine KPIs (Key Perfomance Indicators) based on your goals. That's how we make sure you get the results you are aiming for.

We started building the njammie! YouTube channel from scratch less than a year ago. In that time our videos have ben viewed more than 100.000 times, and more than 2000 people have subscribed to the njammie! channel. The njammie! videos on Facebook have been viewed more than 571.000 times and. Before posting online specific video content on the njam! Facebook page, their likes increased with around 8% a year. However, in the year they posted the njammie! videos, their page likes went up with more than 33%!

Kids content for Lolly Lolbroek

We absolutely love creating family friendly content. Safe videos that make kids laugh and even learn something.

Times are different now: screens and internet everywhere. That's why we believe in making fun and playful videos that are safe for kids to watch. For the Studio 100 character Lolly Lolbroek, we created two YouTube specific video series and a set of trailers, to grow the YouTube channel. We created 30 videos for the Lolly Lolbroek channel, of which 9 "Quizfloeps" and 17 "Uitbeeldfloeps" videos, in combination with 2 promotional trailers.

By regularly uploaden YouTube specific videos, we were able to significantly grow the Lolly Lolbroek channel.

In less than 18 months, the "Quizfloeps and "Uitbeeldfloeps" videos have reached more than 934.000 views. The total view count of the channel is more than 4 million and over 7.600 people have subscribed to Lolly Lolbroek.

Tutorials for Ghost Rockers

Educational videos are an absolutely beautiful way of adding value to your audiences' day. And watching somebody explain is better than reading a manual, right?!

For Ghost Rockers we created 18 guitar lessons in combination with promotional trailers. We teach the Ghost Rockers fans all about guitars, the different chords en give them exercises every lesson, so that they can practice what they learned together with Jonas. They also learn how to combine chords and learn a piece of a Ghost Rockers song!

Bedtime stories for Bumba

Simple ideas can be the best ones. The beauty of it all is that you don't have to guess, you can test your ideas out, before going all in.

You can make guesses about what your audience might like, or you can simply test out a few different ideas. The beauty of online video is that you don't immediately have to invest huge amounts of money in one series and then hope it will be hit in stead of miss. For Bumba we tried out the simplest of ideas: bedtime stories. In about two years time, the 22 bedtime stories have been watched for more than 4.5 million times.

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