Kids Content for Lolly Lolbroek

Fun and safe videos for kids.

We absolutely love creating family friendly content. Safe videos that make kids laugh and even learn something.

Times are different now: screens and internet everywhere. That's why we believe in making fun and playful videos that are safe for kids to watch. For the Studio 100 character Lolly Lolbroek, we created two YouTube specific video series and a set of trailers, to grow the YouTube channel. We created 30 videos for the Lolly Lolbroek channel, of which 9 "Quizfloeps" and 17 "Uitbeeldfloeps" videos, in combination with 2 promotional trailers.

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vidsome studio 100 lolly lolbroek

Times are different now: screens and internet everywhere.

By regularly uploading YouTube specific videos, we were able to significantly grow the Lolly Lolbroek channel.

In less than 18 months, the "Quizfloeps and "Uitbeeldfloeps" videos have reached more than 1 million views. The total view count of the channel is more than 4 million and over 8.100 people have subscribed to Lolly Lolbroek.